Friday, 15 September 2017

New Goodies


Joining in again this week with Paint Party Friday.

I have two small works to share this week.

The first is a small watercolour on handmade cotton rag paper.

I also used water based Crayola FineTtip markers for finishing touches.

The second is just a little sketch in coloured pencils 

which was done in a bad light while I was watching the television last night.

I may use this as inspiration for a larger mixed media painting.

This last weekend we paid a visit to The Lake District and called

into the Derwent Pencil Museum where I took the opportunity to

 pick up one of these from their shop.

(pencils not inc.)

When I am using my coloured pencils I have a habit of accumulating a stock pile

 of pencils on my table which sometimes end up rolling off onto the floor.

This is something that you don't want as you can end up damaging your pencils

 by breaking the core inside the wood casing.

This Pencil Buddy is a quick and easy way to store your pencils while you work and

 you can see how it's unusual design works over on The Art Gear Guide

 A great place to check out great reviews on lots of art products.

I also picked up this 'retro' pencil case. The pencil was your ticket into the museum.

As a bonus, when you made a purchase you also got a complimentary box

 containing two  Derwent Graphik pens.

I was so pleased as I was in need of a fine liner pen and the 

Graphik Line Painter is a great discovery. They come in lots of colours

 and are now on my long list of must haves.

Another thing on my list now is a circle punch after using this circle cutter

 to make some circles from some of my painted papers

I particularly like these cut from baking parchment.

 Thanks for stopping by.




  1. these are two beautiful drawings!
    so soft and delicate appear to me the two women, great portrayed.
    Happy weekend

  2. They both are beautiful and expressive. I am waiting for seeing your mixed media work. Thanks for tips. I remember those wooden pencil cases 😋
    Happy weekend 💕

  3. I love the soulful expression of the first girl you shared. She's lovely :) Happy PPF from Number 36 :D

  4. lovely girl s, and I too love painted papers especially on deli papers-so nice for layering. Looks like the museum trip was a win win:) Happy PPF!

  5. I'm soooo jealous! I would love to go to the pencil factory! Lucky you! :D
    I like the girl with the fox stole...she looks like she has a story to tell.

  6. Oh, such a cutie! And I love the clothes on the second lady :-)

  7. OOOH such an interesting little post today. Love your two gals...such sweet faces and love the second ones outfit she would make an awesome large mixed media piece!!Love the pencil caddy. I always fight with mine too... I have one of the those giant metal boxes filled with pencils and also one with the colour blocks. I think I may search amazon for that caddy!! Wouldn't mind trying out those markers too... Thanks for sharing your awesome work and materials!

    Peace Giggles

  8. What a great post, Carol - beautiful artwork, great tips, helpful link!
    Appreciate you sharing everything!

  9. I so love your art. There is such emotion. The pen caddy is a great idea I could use that as well.