Saturday, 22 July 2017

Update on My Little Project


If you missed the start of my little project you can check it out

  here and here

I painted the box with gesso and the edges with gold acrylic and I planned to cover it with my own

painted papers. However I had a lot of 'bought' craft papers so I

decided to use them and this is the result.

I liked the green and gold together but it just wasn't 'arty' enough for me so

I replaced it with my painted papers.

Inside there will be twelve little artworks on cardboard.

I have wanted to do a video for a long time. Not anything edited 

or time lapsed or anything fancy like that as I wouldn't know the first thing about 

doing that but just a silent flip through of the twelve little cardboard paintings.

That is my plan anyway. Lol!  

To those of you lovely people that visit my blog I want to send a big 'thank you'.

I really appreciate you stopping by and it's nice to know I am not talking to myself.



  1. Your plan to do a flip through sounds like fun. Hope you can make it work, and that it is the start of something new and exciting for your art.
    (I like your painted papers better, too.)

  2. MUCH better with your painted papers! Can't wait to see the flip through. (I know EXACTLY what you mean about 'talking to yourself'! Sometimes I feel like saying, 'Hello??? Anybody out there?" LOL)

  3. Hello ... lovely to see you here. I prefer your arty papers on the box too. Great idea to film your little works of art. I shall enjoy seeing your video. X