Saturday, 22 July 2017

Update on My Little Project


If you missed the start of my little project you can check it out

  here and here

I painted the box with gesso and the edges with gold acrylic and I planned to cover it with my own

painted papers. However I had a lot of 'bought' craft papers so I

decided to use them and this is the result.

I liked the green and gold together but it just wasn't 'arty' enough for me so

I replaced it with my painted papers.

Inside there will be twelve little artworks on cardboard.

I have wanted to do a video for a long time. Not anything edited 

or time lapsed or anything fancy like that as I wouldn't know the first thing about 

doing that but just a silent flip through of the twelve little cardboard paintings.

That is my plan anyway. Lol!  

To those of you lovely people that visit my blog I want to send a big 'thank you'.

I really appreciate you stopping by and it's nice to know I am not talking to myself.


Tuesday, 11 July 2017



I have recently come across some colouring books on line which have

 beautiful illustrations and when they are coloured in make beautiful works of art.

I want to improve my work with coloured pencil and watercolour

and thought that colouring books would be a good way to do this.

 Linda Ravenscroft  is an artist well known for her illustrations of fairies and has

some lovely colouring books which are available on her website.

I chose her book ' Fairy and Fantasy Art 2 Painting and Colouring Book.'

The paper is 300gsm and is perfect for watercolour and the pages

are one sided so ideal for framing if you wished.

I was hesitant to start my first page as I didn't want to ruin such beautiful illustrations.

Here is my first page.


.......and after.

Completed in watercolour and coloured pencil.

Before I go here is a little update on my current project.

Not much done since my last post.

Next step more... more gesso.

Thanks for visiting.


Friday, 7 July 2017

Sneak Peek


Here is a sneak peek at a little project I'm working on.

Take a conveniently sized box.

and paint it with gesso ready for decorating.

You will have to stop by next time to see the next step..........


See you next time.


Sunday, 2 July 2017



Stopping by for an update .

Today I've got a couple of pieces to share.

The first is mixed media on  mount board. 

It is larger than I usually work with 12x12 ins.

It is made up of my painted papers, acrylics, coloured pencil and gel sticks.

Then second is a page in my 'Permission to Play ' Journal,

For a long time I have enjoyed watching Mystele Kirkeeng on You Tube.

She works in lots of loose layers of collage and paint and I wanted to try

something similar in my journal.

I started off  with layers of acrylic applied with a palette knife.


I applied more layers of paint using a palette knife and brushes 

 scraping back with a bank card and adding collage.

She looks a little stoic but I loved the process and the finished overall appearance

with all the layers paint.

 Using a palette knife reduces the control you have which results in a looser style 

but I need to try and bring a little more of my own style into the process.

Thanks for stopping by.