Sunday, 23 April 2017

A Major Repair Job


I've been working in my Permission to Play Journal.

The point to this journal is to not worry about the outcome of the pages.

Which is a good thing considering the way this page went.

I am so careful when painting my portraits ( You will notice I have started calling them 

portraits instead of girls lol!) and because I was working in

my Journal I started out with  'abandon'.

I was toying with the idea of sharing my first 'process' pic but it

was so bad I couldn't bring myself to,

This is the first 'acceptable' version of it.

The eyes were beyond redemption. I used oil pastel so I couldn't cover them with gesso

so I covered them up with book paper.

A little more work with  oil pastel on the face and some acrylic paint on the background.

I am so pleased it turned out better than what I thought at the beginning.

That's the great thing about mixed media.  If you keep layering you can

 usually (but not always) save things.

I would love to hear your thoughts. I really appreciate your comments.



  1. Not mistakes (or bad outcomes) happy accidents! I love how you used the torn book page over her eyes. I would have left it there but you kept going (one of my shortcomings) and she turned out perfect! (I notice how she now has a slight smile! Nice touch!)

  2. LOVE this creative solution to what you considered "beyond redemption!" I will remember this one!