Friday, 28 April 2017



The good thing when working in mixed media is that building

 up the layers can change something completely.

Here are some pics to show how this small piece has changed since the start.

I am working on a piece of mount board and started with a some flowered paper

 and covered it with gesso.

Started adding layers of acrylic.

Then added some more.

Then some more which improved it somewhat.

I then changed the colour completely and now it looks like this..........

Still a work in progress.

Hope you stop by again and see how it turns out.


Sunday, 23 April 2017

A Major Repair Job


I've been working in my Permission to Play Journal.

The point to this journal is to not worry about the outcome of the pages.

Which is a good thing considering the way this page went.

I am so careful when painting my portraits ( You will notice I have started calling them 

portraits instead of girls lol!) and because I was working in

my Journal I started out with  'abandon'.

I was toying with the idea of sharing my first 'process' pic but it

was so bad I couldn't bring myself to,

This is the first 'acceptable' version of it.

The eyes were beyond redemption. I used oil pastel so I couldn't cover them with gesso

so I covered them up with book paper.

A little more work with  oil pastel on the face and some acrylic paint on the background.

I am so pleased it turned out better than what I thought at the beginning.

That's the great thing about mixed media.  If you keep layering you can

 usually (but not always) save things.

I would love to hear your thoughts. I really appreciate your comments.


Friday, 21 April 2017

Three Tiny Portraits.


I have just completed a trio of tiny works.

The first in pencil.

The second in pencil with a touch of colour.

And the third in Faber Castell Gel sticks.

I have also been working on a spread in my 'Permission to Play' Journal.

(That's what I've decided to call it. Lol!)

Not sure where it's going yet. 

Watch this space...........


Linking this to Paint Party Friday.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Permission to Play


This weekend I thought I would start an Art Book/Journal. Somewhere to

work in without being concerned about the outcome.

I chose a small exercise book so that I could join a couple of

 pages together at a time then gesso them.

I want the pages to crinkle up as I work on them which is normally what you don't want.

A place to break all the 'rules'

A place where I can put all different mediums together without

having to think whether it will end up being archival or not. 

I started with a layer of Faber Castell Gel Sticks.

Added some of my own hand painted collage papers

Some splashes and marks made with acrylic and some old book paper 

and used gel sticks for the face.

I used a scrap of altered papers made with Citra-Solv and National Geographic pages.

Thanks for stopping by.


Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Playing Catch Up


Well further to my last post. I seem to have got rid of the spam in my 

Readers List by deleting all the blogs that I had listed as 'Following'.

I will gradually start adding to the list again.

Meanwhile here is  couple of things I have been working on lately.

This started with layered mono-prints to create the background and then used stamps and stencils.

This creates a rough outline which I quite like.

Another was this 6x6 in acrylic and coloured pencil.

I don't know why but I just had to give her this big hair. Lol!

Hope you like them


Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Stamping my Feet in Anger.


This is a longer post from me than usual but I hope you stay with me to the end.

I am not sure who will read this post as I don't have much traffic unless I link my post 

to  on-line communities such as Paint Party Friday or WOYWW,

 two of which I have joined in in recent times.

 However, this post is for my faithful few blogger friends that visit me

 regularly and those who still stop by occasionally to catch up with what I have been up to.

The main reason for this post I will get on to in a minute but first I wanted to say this,

which is in a way related.

Lately, I have  become a little disillusioned with the whole social media and networking thing.

Now that I have joined Facebook I am privy to more of what is going on in the on-line community

and I was surprised, albeit  naively, to see very accomplished

artists on Facebook and YouTube talking about how they have coped along the way with people

 leaving nasty comments, not only on their Art, but on them personally.

I saw a case in point over on an artist's  Facebook page today.  The comment that was made wasn't

even about her work but the artists apperance.

There is really no need!

  If you don't like what you see and don't have anything positive to say then

just say nothing and don't visit again.

Now for the main reason for this post.

I hope you are still with me co' this is my main reason for this post.

When it comes to social media I am very low key in the grand scheme of things but even

us little guys seem to get touched by the nastier side of cyber-space.

Yesterday I opened my Reading List on Blogger to find it inundated with posts from sights

I do not follow.

I looked on blogger help forums and found that this has happened to other people

in the past but no recent posts on the subject.

with out going onto too much detail it seem it could be cos' someone I follow

has been hacked or sold their 'feed' for want of a better word to a third party that spams you.

I went through all the sights I follow and couldn't find the effected one.

I recently followed someone new which I have now un-followed as this happened

 just after but has not made any difference.

Someone deleted all her reading list and it solved the problem  so that is what I am going to do now.

Unfortunately that means I won't be prompted when blogs I follow post.

If this resolves the situation I will gradually follow my favourite blogs again but if the spam

continues I will not be able to use my reading List and

will have to take pot luck visiting my favourite blogs.

I would be interested to hear if anyone has had the same problem.

Well if you have stuck it out till the end...... Thank you.

No Art today as you have probably dropped off to sleep by now.

Till next time..........xx