Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Pencil Blender


Last time I promised to explain a little about using a solvent pencil blender.

I will be honest, until relatively recently I wasn't aware

that you could blend coloured pencil with a solvent.

There are a number of solvents on the market and I purchased a 

bottle of  'Zest It Pencil Blender' to try it out.

I used it in the background and the hair of my coloured pencil

  piece featured in my last post which you can see here.

 To use this you lay down layers of coloured pencil and apply the blender 

with a brush or a cotton bud.

I have two samples here to show you.

You can see the difference the blender makes when applied. 

 In the first sample I laid down two layers of pencil on the left and four on the right.

In the second sample I added another two layers on the left and another four on the right

before using a second layer of blender.

 It is very effective when covering a large area but I quit like  

 the 'sketchy' effect you get from coloured pencil so it will be interesting to see

how often I use it in my work.

Thanks for stopping by.



  1. I have a pen that is supposed to be a blender for colored pencils. It changes the pencil look entirely. I didn't like it. :(

  2. Great info of which I did not know

  3. Have you tried to blend with baby oil ? It is nice as well.